Wine List Special | Rosé Box | £89 - six bottle case

Wine List Special | Rosé Box | £89 - six bottle case

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With the weather seriously heating up, is there any better time to drink rosé? 

Like many wines, rosé has a reputation problem.

There's the sickly sweet stuff we've all been given at some point and quietly thrown away.

Then there's the paper-thin, €2 a bottle, bulk-produced stuff we've had: fine on holiday, not fine in England.

Then there's the fact that an entire swathe of the public felt the need to create the moniker brosé (bro - rosé) to make it acceptable for men to drink pink wine.

Regular readers and subscribers will know that we believe most negative reputations in wine are nonsense. 

Rosé is beautiful wine. And if you've ever tasted Domaine Tempier or Ch d'Esclans (who also making Whispering Angel), you will know just how good rosé can be at its best.

At Wine List, we love breaking down perceptions. We love sending a pinot grigio out and surprising people because they thought they didn't like pinot grigio. We like wines that surprise.

That's why we've launched our rosé box. Yes there's a Provençal style rosé in here (even if it is from neighbouring Languedoc). But everything else is off the beaten track. We've got two from England. We've got one from Uraguay. One from Rioja. We've even got one from Turkey. They come in a range of styles from the fruity and supple through to the herbal and earthy. 

This is the first 'Wine List Special' – a box outside of our core subscription of wines we love. They're limited. And when they're gone, they're gone. 

What's in the box

Maison Ventenac Rosé, while from Languedoc is your classic Provençal style of rose

Oxney Organic Pinot Noir Rosé, made in Sussex feels like a complement to Wimbledon: strawberries and cream. 

Hattingley Valley Still Rosé, known English sparkling producer, releases its first still wine with this gem.

A Veredas Rosado has a slight edge to it that shows off the darker fruit flavours.

Garzon Pinot Noir Rosé, is salmon pink, a wilder nose with an ultra clean palate. And it's from Uraguay.

Pasaeli Çalkarasi Rosé is off-dry and provides a nice contrast to your typical Med wine.

Hit me with the details

£89, inc. p&p.

Super limited: 50 cases. 

This Special is just for the wines, and instructional materials are not included as with the usual wine subscription.