Six months of The Wine List

Six months of The Wine List

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Six months is a brilliant amount of time to get a solid grounding in key wine principles. This gift card will give your friend or loved one, six months of wine learning – along with 12 incredible bottles of wine over six months. 

The Wine List Gift Subscription

Do you have a wine loving friend who wants to learn more about wine? Or one who has flirted with the idea of a wine course?

With The Wine List, you can give a wine education on a monthly basis. Every month, you get bespoke lessons, accompanied by two bottles of wine. The lessons are written for those bottles.

Every first delivery, the member gets a complete introductory tasting guide so they can learn as they go.

The Wine List gift cards allow you to buy a pre-paid subscription of three, six or twelve months upfront.

What you learn

As a Wine List member, you'll learn how to identify the characteristics of wine you like, and then apply that to choosing wine in the future.

You will learn how regions, climates, grapes varieties, and much more affect a wine's taste. Or how a winemaker's style can change the entire wine. And you'll learn anti-pretentious vocab so you can describe what you like.

Have you ever stuck to the same wines over and over?

Or wished you knew how to order wine better in a shop or a restaurant?

The Wine List will help you build up your knowledge of wine, and make better choices about bottles in the future.

How the gift card works

1. Choose how many months you want to buy below

2. Complete the payment, set up your giftee's details.

3. Receive the gift card to give to them on Christmas Day.

If you order a gift card before 15th December, we'll send you a physical gift card. But after that you'll receive a digital one.

The first delivery will be sent out in the first week of January and then every subsequent first week of the month after that.