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Have you ever wanted to learn about wine but not known where to start? The Wine List will help you learn what's going on in your glass.

Every month, receive bespoke lessons focused on two hard-to-find bottles. Awesome wine and a wine education delivered for £39 per month.

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What do you get?

Every month, you will get:

  • - Two carefully selected bottles of wine that are unavailable in the supermarket
  • - Concise, clear and anti-pretentious guided lessons for each bottle

In your first delivery:

  • - A full introductory tasting guide explaining how to taste in a structured way with example language and vocabulary


The Wine List costs £39 per month with no minimum contracts.

What wine do you get?

We carefully select distinct wines to ensure you're getting something interesting and a little rare.

Supermarkets offer their customers well under 1% of all the wine available in the world. In the remaining 99%, there's great wine in every category, and our mission is to find it for you.

What you learn

As a Wine List member, you'll learn how to identify the characteristics of wine you like, and then apply that to choosing wine in the future.

You will learn how regions, climates, grapes varieties, and much more affect a wine's taste. Or how a winemaker's style can change the entire wine. And you'll learn anti-pretentious vocab so you can describe what you like.

Have you ever stuck to the same wines over and over?

Or wished you knew how to order wine better in a shop or a restaurant?

The Wine List will help you build up your knowledge of wine, and make better choices about bottles in the future.

Wine courses

Hundreds of hours required

Reading and watching

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Guided lessons every month for £39

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